Extending your reach through paid social media promotion

Posted by: Tommy Tonkins on 24th July 2014

It was too good to last. Who doesn’t love a free marketing tool?

Particularly a free marketing tool that provides you with a captive audience who, out of necessity, are already engaged with what you do.

We were told that social media is all about having good content, that we have to give people something to like and that we have to be involved in the conversation with our customers too. This is all still true. The above are all fundamental aspects for social media marketing. There’s just one thing to add…paying for reach. Reach is the estimated number of people exposed to your content.

Let’s take Facebook as an example. We, Facebook’s users, are also its product. We are what Facebook sells. More specifically our interests, our likes, even our relationship status, are what Facebook sells. And they sell it very successfully because advertising on Facebook is affordable, dynamic and you can use it to hone in right on to your target market.


Paying also ensures you are seen. Organic reach is dropping dramatically with latest figures suggesting only 6% of a Page’s following will see any given status update so using the Facebook ‘Boost Post’ option is an easy way to make sure the information you really want to be seen, is seen.

The same is true for other channels. We’re just going to focus on how you can maximise your returns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Think of Facebook as your community of brand advocates, think of Twitter as the place to engage in conversation with your peers and think of LinkedIn as the place to chase your active leads.


As mentioned above, promoting posts on Facebook is a great way of increasing the visibility of your content. It means it will appear nearer to the top and in more people’s News Feeds than if it wasn’t promoted. You can see good results for a comparatively small budget, but make sure your content ‘pops’ when you’re promoting it. So use a strong, engaging piece of content with a striking image or graphic.

Some of our partners have seen £1,000s worth of sales from one promoted post which cost under £30. We’ll let you do the maths on that ROI.


Twitter offer the ability to promote Tweets and this works best in increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. Twitter allows you to target people by geography, interest or gender, and you only pay when people click, retweet, favourite or reply to your tweet.

Twitter will help you optimise the performance of your promoted Tweet and this is a great way of cutting through the ‘noise’ to make sure your voice is heard.


LinkedIn Ads are one of the most important tools for putting yourself in front of other businesses and for B2B sales. Again, they can be highly targeted to a specific audience and offer fantastic value for money.

Ads that work well have very strong calls to action and offer an incentive for clicking, such as a digital guide to download or a free trial of your product. People go to LinkedIn to do business so if you plan your ads well you can see the highest returns from this channel.

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