Bringing our brand to life with Bookshell Bindery

Posted by: Stafford Sumner on 6th February 2017

2016 was a big year for us. We made the strategic decision within the business to get back to our roots and refine our focus so email marketing takes front and centre, because, as it turns out, there aren’t many people out there who do it better than us.

For me though, it’s never just been about email. Whether it’s building personal relationships, striving to understand different businesses or creating the initial designs which go on to form a successful email campaign, there’s a myriad of different processes involved in creating a results-driven emails.

Put simply, it’s a craft and can be as intricate and detailed as any other craft out there. This is what we wanted to capture through our rebranding process; craft and expertise coupled with simplicity and focus. We worked with a number of people through the whole rebranding process and the visuals were very much lead by Thad Cox, who has created something we feel captures the essence of what we do and what we’re about.

Towards the end of last year, with Christmas rapidly approaching, we knew we wanted to bring Thad’s reimagining of the Jarrang brand to life and share this with our friends, clients, suppliers and partners.

And this is where Bookshell Bindery came in. Based in Cornwall and run by David and Zoe Dodd, Bookshell also merge the traditional with the contemporary by creating bespoke leather cases for phones and e-readers. They also create handmade journals and notebooks and use traditional techniques in all the work they do.

embossed branding at Jarrang

Their story is a fascinating one. With backgrounds in video production and design they made the decision to set up a business where they could live and breathe the magic of making. And what started as just the two of them has now grown to the point where they employ two staff thanks to the popularity of their products. Most of the tools and processes they use are identical to those used for hundreds of years and the practise of their craft carries with it a narrative connecting the past to the future.

To bring our brand to life we knew it had to transcend our digital presence. We wanted something tactile and an example of outstanding craftsmanship. So it was with David and Zoe’s help the idea for the ‘little black box’ was born.

Jarrang branding

And into this specially-branded black gift box went a productivity planner notebook set; two A6 notebooks bound in two shades of recycled card, a gold foil-blocked Jarrang logo with custom ‘belly bands.’ All which were handcrafted and bound at Bookshell’s bindery in Cornwall.

Needless to say, we love them as does everyone who has received one. Branding is much bigger than a set of nice designs. It’s everything from how you answer the phone to the environment in your office. It is the essence of your business.

Email marketing branding

Brands should live, breathe and have a personality that’s brought to life, whether that’s through an email marketing campaign or in a Christmas gift. We’re incredible grateful to David and Zoe for the skill, passion and expertise they gave us when helping bring ours to life.

Photos courtesy of Zoe Dodd.

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