Insight and inspiration from our team

Our aim is to help you send better emails so you can give more to your customers and make your business more successful. That’s why we produce regular articles to help you take your email marketing to the next level and hopefully inspire you.

Bringing the family under one roof

In 2010, the world of email marketing was a very different place to the one we see today. The demand for sending email marketing campaigns that looked great, worked across all devices and delivered a big return on investment was soaring, but the options marketers had available to them were somewhat limited.

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Learnings from Litmus Live

It’s one of the highlights in the yearly calendar for all the email geeks out there and our Operations Manager, Jay Wicks, was lucky enough to be on hand for it…

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Trust us: trust matters

At Jarrang we make it our mission to help businesses send better email marketing in order to fuel their growth and build brilliant relationships with their customers.

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Q&A with Creative Developer, Gary Brown

Email marketing has hit the headlines this year. Thanks to GDPR, our relationship with the emails we receive, who we receive them from and why we receive them has been under intense scrutiny.

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