Dege & Skinner

Dege & Skinner, Savile Row’s finest tailors and shirtmakers since 1865, have been dressing royalty, professionals, the military and discerning individuals out of their London home for more than 150 years.

Reputation, quality, service and a rich history are what set Dege & Skinner apart from their competition. That’s why when it comes to marketing, it was imperative they found a partner they could trust to not just protect these values, but enhance them.

As Cass Stainton, PR to Dege & Skinner, explains, it was trust which formed the starting point of the relationship between Jarrang and Dege & Skinner.

“We’re three years into our relationship with Jarrang which came through a trusted, word of mouth recommendation,” she says. “I needed a solution, I needed it quick and I like working with people based out of the West Country. Jarrang ticked all of these boxes.

“The very first impression was a no-nonsense one and the quality of my first interaction with Stafford and the rest of the team was exceptional. They fitted in with exactly what I needed giving me strategic recommendations when it came to digital marketing and hand holding where it was needed without ever over selling. They delivered on these expectations and have done so consistently ever since.

“I actually had two agencies running parallel,” Cass says. “With the other agency, who were helping with our SEO, there was no consistency across the account, which drove me nuts. I was dealing with a multitude of people and the service level swiftly dropped along with the quality.

“Jarrang proved themselves and I love the consistency of working with them. It’s an ever-evolving relationship. It started off with email marketing, because this is what came so highly recommended, and then we introduced monthly SEO followed by the development of our web store.

“They listened to what I was asking for, which was a service delivered to a reasonable budget, and the whole thing was tailored specifically to me rather than a one size fits all approach.”

“The relationship is always adapting. Every time I have a new digital requirement I come over to Jarrang. When it came to developing our webstore, we got three quotes. Jarrang weren’t the cheapest or the most expensive. They were the ones who listened to what we wanted and gave us a service tailored to our needs.”

Alongside this, it’s the quality of the service Jarrang offers which has been the most impressive and key to the continued successful relationship.

Cass adds: “I’m always pushed for time and it’s the level of service that impresses me the most. The ability to have consistency and always being able to get someone on the phone is incredibly reassuring and means everything is dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

“If the person I want isn’t available whoever is on the phone always does their best to help; the client service is really strong.”

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