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GAIN Capital are a market leader in online trading, providing retail traders and institutions with exceptional liquidity, technology and service to access global markets.

With multiple brands and a database of more than a million people, and email marketing a core component of their marketing strategy, GAIN Capital need the ability to send timely, accurate and compliant emails, that are both engaging and informative, to their customers and prospects. As a result they required an email marketing partner to enable them to do this.

Jarrang is that partner, working primarily with their two of their brands, SALT Invest and Faraday Research, and helping them ensure they get the right message to the right people at the right time.

GAIN Capital work with Jarrang on a supported self-service basis. This means GAIN Capital themselves have the flexibility to respond and react to changes in the market immediately while at the same time having in place the expert support Jarrang offers.

It’s a model that Senior Marketing Manager, Alex Joyner, says allows them to get the most out of their email marketing.

“We have a supported self-service contract with Jarrang which means we pay for the volume of emails we send but also support time from them, which, for us, is invaluable. It gives us flexibility and allows us to be really responsive and react to key market events, sending emails quickly when events demand it,” he says.

“At the same time we have Jarrang in the background who are constantly helping us to develop new templates, check the deliverability of our emails, check the code, check the emails render correctly on different devices and in different email clients, provide us with their expert advice and insight, and be on hand to help us when we need it.

“It’s one thing sending emails out but it’s deliverability that really matters to us and Jarrang are great at making sure our emails are delivered and also provide brilliant analysis of how they perform in terms of the engagement they receive.”

GAIN Capital send out both marketing and service emails, the difference being service emails are a vital part of what they provide their customers so it’s essential they are delivered.

Alex adds: “Our service emails are the emails we send to clients when trading conditions change, these emails are really important, they’re not marketing, they include information about our customers’ trading accounts so we need to know they’ve been sent, delivered and opened. They’ve developed a really clever system to make sure this happens.

“From a marketing perspective, with our brand SALT Invest, the sales pipeline can be longer than 6 months and we need to keep our prospects engaged through that. Jarrang will help us develop emails we send out via third parties to generate the leads and we then add these leads to our database and nurture them with regular emails.

“Every email we send has to comply with financial regulations. It’s a highly regulated environment and Jarrang are great at ensuring everything we send is compliant and has in it all the risk warnings we’re obliged to include.”

Due to this and the number of email marketing campaigns GAIN Capital send, it’s essential they have in Jarrang a partner who is always on hand to offer guidance and support when it’s needed. And it’s a relationship Alex speaks incredibly highly of.

“It’s easy for me to sing their praises. We speak to Jarrang on a daily basis and they’re always on hand to help,” he says. “They’re very friendly and always willing to help out and guide us. They also know what we’re talking about from a technical point of view which makes life much easier for us and gives us the confidence we need, to know our data is safe and in a controlled environment. They come highly recommended from us.”

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