The Royal Crescent Hotel

The Royal Crescent Hotel doesn’t just stand out among the many iconic sites Bath has to offer, it leads the way when it comes to luxury hotels in the UK.

The Royal Crescent itself is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in the country and the hotel takes pride of place in its centre. It is world-class and as such needs the marketing and communication that goes out to its guests to be at a 5-star standard.

Jarrang have been working with The Royal Crescent Hotel since 2013 and it’s the ability to grow the brand while protecting its values which has impressed Marketing Manager, Sarah Moon, the most.

“Jarrang manage our database and keep our data for us while creating our newsletters for us, both hotel and corporate,” she says. “The willingness of Jarrang to be adaptable to how our brand is growing is one of the things that impresses me the most.

“There’s never any issue with making amendments to campaigns and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble which again is something we’ve found very impressive.”

Email marketing has become a key tool for The Royal Crescent Hotel. As well as helping them regularly communicate with their guests it’s also been vital for generating bookings.

Sarah adds: “We’ve got an iconic brand to, not only protect, but also grow. We like to make sure all of our partners understand our brand and are on board with where we’re looking to take it. For us it is very much a partnership and always has been with Jarrang.

“As a result, we absolutely see a return on investment with the emails we send out. We’ve seen month on month growth both in terms of interaction with our emails and traffic they send to our website which obviously then converts to bookings.”

“The level of service and the care Jarrang take in building relationships is what sets them apart from other agencies. It’s not just an account for them, they take time to understand our businesses and deliver what we want.”

As well as results, the experience of working with Jarrang and the process involved in reaching the final outcome has stood out for Sarah and the team at The Royal Crescent Hotel.

“They’re lovely and it’s a wonderful experience working with Jarrang. They’re very responsive, they exceed the industry standard and they are always keen to work with us to maximise return on investment. As well as looking after our emails they help us with our strategy and growth.

“It’s quite refreshing to work with a company who are so open to ideas and who aren’t looking to enforce themselves and their own ideas on us. They really take on board what we want for our business and help us make that happen.”

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