Google Analytics

To get the most out of your email marketing strategy you’ll need to understand your customers behaviour from the first time they click a link in your email. Where do they go, how do they navigate your website and most importantly has this visitor resulted in a conversion such as an ecommerce transaction?

At Jarrang we work with Google Analytics in combination with your email marketing strategy to collect and analyse information about your recipients and visitors. Using this information, we suggest and implement improvements based on real and relevant data to achieve your business goals.

Google Analytics is a system that can be integrated with your website to monitor a vast amount of activity on your website.

Our developers can help to ensure that Google Analytics is installed correctly on your website so we can use the gathered data to form a successful ongoing email marketing strategy with you.

We offer the following services:

  • Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager account setup
  • Integration of Analytics tracking code on ecommerce and non-ecommerce websites
  • Troubleshooting Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager installations
  • Interpretation of Google Analytics data
  • Google Data Studio report creation
  • Analytics report set-up and scheduling
  • Email Marketing planning with Google Analytics
  • Training on the use of Google Analytics for ecommerce and non-ecommerce websites