Navigating Email Marketing & Data Compliance

In early 2018, we teamed up with top law firm Stephens Scown to bring guidance and clarity to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After the success of our first collaboration, we’re now going to take the next step and help answer the most pressing questions people still have regarding the use of their data and email marketing.

Many of you out there are probably thinking GDPR is over. Well, we’ve got some news for you; it’s not. We don’t live in a post-GDPR world; we now simply live in a world where GDPR is the norm and staying compliant with the new regulations means every business has to have their house in order. It’s not a case of adopting the mantra ‘set it and forget it,’ GDPR compliance requires constant work.

Rather than create yet more fear mongering, both Jarrang and Stephens Scown want to address this issue head-on – that’s why we’ve put together our follow-up guide Navigating Email Marketing & Data Compliance.

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