Chip Mooney

Email Designer & Developer

Our Email Designer & Developer, Chip Mooney, brings a healthy dose of adventure to the Jarrang office.

Chip was in the Army for eight years, being a Paratrooper in the Signals, and then as part of a motorcycle display team (he jumped through fire!), has both motorcycled and cycled across Europe, kayaks, regularly mountain bikes and likes climbing really high trees!

In 2010 he went to university to study web design and since then has worked with clients including Warwick Castle, Legoland and Bath Rugby. Before joining Jarrang he was the in-house developer for the bike cleaning company Muc-Off and oversaw all the ecommerce elements of their site.

He says: “One of the things I love about email marketing is it can be a really fast process for both the design and the build. With web design, you can be working on a project for six months and feel like you’re not getting anywhere but with email marketing, when everything goes to plan, you can get the design and build done in a day.

“Jarrang’s a great place to work where there’s always lots to do and there’s a strong team in place.”