Dan Netherton


Creative Developer

Dan is one of the most talented developers around. He’s skilled in multiple coding languages and has a thirst for knowledge and learning. And if that’s not enough, he’s also a great designer.

He’s been part of the team since 2012 and since then has grown into a senior role, often acting as the technical lead on big projects. We’re extremely lucky to have someone with Dan’s code and design talents as part of the team since, as Dan admits, it’s an incredibly rare skill set.

“In the industry people like the Creative Developers at Jarrang, who can design and code to a high level, are known as unicorns,” he says. “We’re all like this – it’s a strong asset for us to have.”

Dan is also a great illustrator, a handstand master and sees coding as a hobby as well as a job. He also has a young family, which keeps him busy when he’s not plugged into the Matrix.

It’s rare to find developers who are blessed with great people skills but Dan is one of these. He’s a pleasure to be around, his enthusiasm and positivity are a catalyst for others and he’ll always get the job done.