Jay Wicks

Operations Manager

With a wealth of digital and email marketing experience, Jay is responsible for managing and developing the operational side of the business while bringing the best out of the team.

He’s positive and proactive, and always level-headed in the work he does. As Operations Manager, Jay makes it his mission to constantly refine and enhance the culture at Jarrang, enabling and empowering the team around him to deliver the best results.

“I am a big believer in the mission we have at Jarrang and, alongside this, I love developing the team and helping them grow. It’s a hugely exciting time for email marketing. With 4G now available country-wide and 5G hot on its tail, it’s really helping us push the boundaries of how people experience and interact with email, especially through mobile,” he says.

Jay brings a touch of style to the Jarrang office and runs a successful male lifestyle blog. He’s also a passionate fundraiser and does a large amount of charity work outside of Jarrang.

He’s always smiling, always has a kind word and is a pleasure to be around.