Martin Sanders

Head of Creative Development

Martin is part of our development team and brings with him a wide range of experience in web development and creative design.

He graduated from Falmouth University in 2004 with a graphic design degree, and has since worked with companies ranging from Creative Edge and Hudson Armstrong to TorFX. With both agency and ‘client-side experience, Martin is a perfect fit for Jarrang.

It was the strength and reputation of the Jarrang team which made the opportunity of working here one he didn’t want to miss out on.

“I knew the team would be good but working with them, they’re even better than I could’ve hoped for,” he said. “I’m really excited to have the opportunity to explore the development of email marketing. Emails land straight in your pocket on your phone and they engage people much more directly than websites do.”

As someone who relishes the fast pace to the work at Jarrang and the variety of working with different clients, he’s a great asset and key member of the team.

Outside of work, Martin is converting a camper van, so he can explore the Cornish countryside and get in some wild camping!