Peter Green

finance director

Farming, physics, space science and finance. Four words you’d never expect to find lumped together. Except that is, when we’re talking about our Finance Director.

To say Peter is a man of diverse interests would be putting it mildly. He has a degree in physics and space science, runs his family farm, and is our finance expert. Peter is responsible for helping us sail smoothly in the background without the boat being rocked. He joined in 2016 and, first and foremost, it was the people who attracted him to the business.

“Key for me, wherever I’ve been, is the quality of people. The people management is one of the things I enjoy most about my job. Coupled with this is the fact Jarrang is involved in a fast moving industry and has always been at the forefront of that.”

Born and bred in Cornwall, Peter is also widely travelled although most of his time outside of work is now spent taking care of his herd of cattle. It’s rare to find someone as good with people as they are with numbers, that’s why we’re lucky to have Peter as part of our team.