Philip Everett-Lyons



As our Associate, Philip’s drive is, not just to have a lasting impact on Jarrang, but on the whole industry.

It’s an ambitious statement yet here is a man who thrives on ambition. His theatre background saw him run projects throughout Europe before becoming the head of the Props Department for the BBC, on their flagship production, at the tender age of 23.

Since then his journey has taken him from TV/Film across multi-sectors from SMEs to PLCs before his entrepreneurial spirit was set free and he discovered he had a knack for making businesses better.

“A lot of what I do is just common sense,” he says. “But common sense isn’t that common. After running a number of businesses, I realised very quickly I could help business owners understand their businesses better by bringing in honesty, integrity, a fresh pair of eyes and my creative flair.”

It’s these values he brings to Jarrang, taking on his new role in early 2017 and spearheading our growth and development.

“Everyone in the business speaks incredibly fondly about Jarrang and the people who a part of it. I’ll bring an injection of new drive to help build on the success our clients already enjoy and make sure it continues long into the future.”

Philip’s pleasure and success, both professionally and personally, comes from helping facilitate this and making that lasting difference.