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How we turn your data into sales

delivering the right message, to the right person,
at the right time.

Every business has data. We put a face on that data by understanding your customers. Once we know their likes, preferences and behaviours, we’re able to deliver hand­-crafted, relevant and personalised marketing campaigns, built around ensuring there is a significant return on your investment.

Through authentic, honest and targeted campaigns, we turn your data into sales.

Primary Data

1. Primary Data

Understanding your customers

Our first step is to develop our understanding of your customers and we do this by reviewing your primary data. This includes information you hold in mailing lists, customer relationship management systems, property management systems (if appropriate) and any third-party integrations which collect data for you.

We analyse your data in terms of quality and quantity to get a better idea of how we can use it, how we can improve it and how we can grow your business by using it.

Secondary Data

2. Secondary Data

Understanding your business

Your secondary data will give us an insight into how your customers interact with your business. Before we make any recommendations on the type of campaign that will work best for your business we’ll delve into your analytics, email reports, social media insights and persona analysis to better understand the way your customers behave and engage with you. This allows us to make evidence-based and data-driven decisions when it comes to creating your campaigns.

Campaign Creation

3. Campaign Creation

Right people, right message, right channel

Once we’ve built up an understanding of your customers and your business we then bring in the creative flair. Through our analysis, we’re able to create the right messages for your customers and identify the right channels to deliver them. This allow us to deliver personalised and relevant content, which always stands the best chance of converting.. Our understanding of your needs and your customers’ behaviours will define the channels we use for your campaigns. From email marketing through to content creation, we’ll find the channels which will generate the best results.


4. Execution

Practised precision

Whether it’s sending out an email campaign or launching a new website, we make sure all our activities are executed precisely and with perfection. We’re a process driven organisation which helps significantly reduce any margin for error. We’ll help you find the right time and the right way to execute your campaigns in the most successful way.


5. Analysis

Maximising returns

Every campaign needs analysis so we can learn what works for you, your business and your customers. By measuring everything we do we’re able to glean better insights and understanding of your business to help us improve and refine the next campaign. Commerciality is one of our cornerstones and this why ensuring you see a return on investment is key for us. Constant analysis of our activities enables us to do this.

Continued Success

Through every step of the process you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will be your main point of contact. They work side-by-side with our creative developers to ensure every campaign exudes technical excellence, delivers the punch you’re looking for and leaves you with an enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction.

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